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Planning Tips For Your Next Delivery

It’s true, Prime Logistics as some of the best prices for same day courier services across the whole of the UK period! But before you pick up the phone that’s next to you there’s are a few things I want you to consider first.

To help you in the decision process we have but together some key points that we feel makes Prime Logistics stand out from the crowd.


1. Will my package/pallet be delivered immediately?
Absolutely! Booking one of our drivers is like having a chauffeur for your consignment because it needs to get there ASAP. So, whether it’s court papers, a passport or even a lorry load your trying to ship, we guarantee to have a driver at pickup within 1 hour of booking.


2. Is there a way to track my consignment?
Look let’s be honest if you have time to track a delivery every step of the way for example from Bournemouth to Southampton then your boss is going to get mad with you. Instead you can carry on with your day job and we will send you an email once the goods are picked up along with an ETA, and then once it been delivered we will email you again with a POD so you can have peace of mind you delivery is safe and sound.


3. Is bigger better?
Not always. The last thing you want to be a faceless number on a corporate database. Here at Prime Logistics we make sure you get assigned a designated account manager who is a regular point of contact for all your logistical needs.


4. Will we find you the best price?
Unfortunately, we have set prices for 99% of all our deliveries. However, because we have access to over 2000 drivers and vehicles there is the odd occasion where we can utilise a lorry going back empty in the direction you want your goods to go to. If that’s the case then we will of course pass on a discounted rate (only applicable for bigger vehicles).


5. Does it matter who delivers your goods?
Of course it does. A courier company can be the life line of any business and can be a huge asset if you choose the right one to do the job. At Prime Logistics, we see ourselves as great problem solvers and we pride ourselves on the highest quality standards there is.


6. Does price matter?
No not at all but COST does. There’s hundreds of courier companies/one man operations out there and anyone can compare pound for pound but look, what happens when something goes wrong? This is true cost of logistics. Efficient courier companies save you time and money in more ways than just paying a little bit less with somebody else. Prime Logistics streamlines your operations, relives admin and simplifies your bookings plus you can have peace of mind with 2 million pounds worth of public liability insurance your goods will be insured if something did go wrong. If you going to cut corners then don’t be surprised to be paying the cost for many months to come.


Look no courier company can guarantee every single deliver will go 100% right but it’s what you do when things go wrong that counts. We are very proud of the companies we work with a we 100% guarantee you will not be disappointed when choosing Prime Logistics.